Hess Apps

2012 Hess Chopper


Buckle up for endless racing action inspired by the 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue!

Rev up the rugged Hess SUV and barrel down city streets. Swerve to avoid cars and construction while collecting power-ups to send yourself flying over traffic in the powerful Hess Chopper!

Then dodge construction cranes, wind turbines and bridges. Soar over fields and slip between bridge cables. One move can change your destiny. Complete missions to raise your rank and challenge other high scores around the world.


  • Complete challenging missions with two awesome vehicles
  • Earn coins to extend power-ups at the in-game Hess Store
  • Rack up massive points on the leaderboard
  • Share your high scores on Twitter and Facebook

2011 Hess Racer


Get ready for some white knuckled, high adrenaline racing with Hess Racer! Only Hess can bring you the ultimate driving experience imaginable. You get to choose between the rugged Hess Truck or the ultra-fast Hess Race Car. Speed down the busy City Highway level, dash through the hulking and beautiful Mountain level, or sprint through the amazingly expansive Interstate level.

You’ll have to harness your cat-like reflexes and dodge traffic to get the highest score in the world. Use your Hess experience points to collect limited edition Hess trading cards or upgrade your vehicle and nitro down the pavement even faster. Plus, you can challenge your friends and trade collectibles for even more fun!

Hang on tight, because this thrill ride will leave you thirsty for more!


  • Random traffic patterns and dynamically generated roads create a new game experience every play.
  • Earn Hess bonus coins to collect limited edition HESS trading cards featuring previous toy truck models.
    Trade them with your friends on Facebook!
  • Play between two views: Bird’s eye, or ultra-fast behind the vehicle.
  • Drive by a HESS gas station and grab fuel to keep going even longer and snag 1,500 extra bonus points.
  • Bring out your inner daredevil and play in boost mode full-time tom multiply your score.
  • Navigate through heavy traffic to earn 5,000 bonus points!
  • The latest technology in the Unity engine create lush, full 3D worlds to race in.